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Our Genesis

Rajang Digital Solutions Sdn. Bhd.’s mission is to solve a growing digital gap between industry and local talent. As a Sarawakian company, we are focused on value-based local innovation of digital solutions and business transformation services to boost the local innovation and adoption rate of Industry 4.0. Rajang is also inspired to develop a sustainable digital economy through our innovation and upskilling programmes. We provide digitalisation consultancy and services to businesses to help them optimise and streamline their business processes.

Driven by Knowledge, Value, and Innovation.

Our Core Pillars

Continuous Innovation

Value Creation

Empowered Community

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We provide consultancy and training to businesses to develop digital strategy. Our key areas are:

  • Digital Transformation.

  • Lean and Agile Process Management.

  • Skills Management.

  • Product Design.

  • Training and Upskilling.

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RaDial (Rajang Dialog engine) is a chatbot engine that was developed by Rajang to run on common instant messaging frameworks (such as Telegram). It uses instant messaging platform as a user interface to deliver a robust and familiar experience to the users.

Chatbot Solutions
Chatbot Solutions

We continuously update our processes and software libraries to stay relevant and competitive in this fast pace industry. We provide a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) DevOps consultancy and project management. The complete SDLC cycle includes product design and architectural design.

Software Development
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