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Set Data in Motion

  • Connecting to data sources

  • Develop bespoke API gateways

  • Harvesting data

  • Taking data from sensors

  • Taking data from systems

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MANAGE Data in Motion

  • Filtering Data

  • Aggregating Data

  • Processing Data

  • Monitoring Data

  • Monitoring Apps

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ANALYSE Data in Motion

  • Trend discovery and analysis

  • Processing data to signals

  • Label extraction

  • Natural language processing

  • Key Performance Objective tracking

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ORCHESTRATE Data in Motion

  • Scheduling data delivery

  • Prioritising data delivery

  • Distributing data

  • Optimising data flow

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SECURING Data in Motion

  • Encrypting data in motion

  • Encrpting data at rest

  • Track data provenance

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VISUALISE Data in Motion

  • Live dashboard

  • Bespoke visualisation

  • 3D visualisation

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